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U. S. Government

The Official U. S. Government Web site.

U.S. Air Force

Official U. S. Air Force Site.

U. S. Air Force Base Newspapers

Link contains all of the base newspapers from most of our Air Force bases, including many of those forward locations.

B-52 Stratofortress Association

The B-52 Stratofortress Association is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of this magnificent airplane and the men and women who designed, tested, built, maintained and admired her in three wars - two hot and one cold.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Web site that has all the information for Veterans and their families.

SAC, a website dedicated to preserving the heritage of the Strategic Air Command.


Excelent site by Keith Hammerbeck with a slide show of SAC Hdqs. and aircraft also a memorial of CMSGT Richard L. Etchberger.

CMSGT Richard L. Etchberger

Excelent site by Cory Etchberger with a memorial to CMSGT Richard L. Etchberger.


Unit Mission and History Summaries

Air Power:The B-52 Bomber

... backbone strategic bombing plane for the US Air Force (USAF) and is ...

U. S. Air Force Bombers In Action

... B-2 Allied Force-B-2 supports NATO operations. B-2 B-2 refueling. B-52 B-52H Stratofortress at Royal Air Force Fairford. B-1 B1B Lancers in flight. US Military ...

Air War in Viet Nam

The history of the Air War in South East Asia is important. This site attempts to give recognition to all of the flying units that flew in, on, or over South East Asia during the Vietnam War. Flyers and their support personnel are covered. If you were Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard and participated in the Air War we would like to hear your story and have the history of your unit added to this site. Welcome Home.

The COMBAT SKYSPOT memorial at Andersen AFB Guam

The Pictures and stories concerning the "Arc Light Memorial" and the "Combat Skyspot Memorial"

Armed Forces Reading List

The combined, recommended reading lists from all branches of the United States military. The primary purpose of the lists is to promote professional development in the areas of leadership, management and specific tasks. The lists contain books on branch heritage (history), leadership and current events (such as terrorism). Moreover, at the same website you will find the War College's recommended reading list on military history. This exhaustive list is organized by both time period and conflict.

LIMA Site 85

This is the story of Lima Site 85 in the country of Laos. A story of sweat and tears. The sweat of labor during the construction. (1966-1967) The tears of families and friends when it was destroyed. (1968) 11 lives were lost, either POW/MIA or KIA/BNR. The largest USAF ground combat loss during the Vietnam War.

Additional information concerning Lima Site 85


Fall of Site 85

During this period, there was ample intelligence indicating that the enemy was gradually encircling Phou Phathi and massing for a major attack. This information, however, did not materially affect US strategy toward the operation or defense of the site

Lima Site 85 Info

Per your request, here is what I have found on the loss of the U.S. Air Force TACAN/TSQ base, called Lima Site 85, on Phou Pha Thi mountain in Houa Phan Province, Laos.

The City of Brotherly Love One Of Our Brothers Is Missing

When Herbert Kirk volunteered for a sensitive assignment called Project Heavy Green, he had to sign a secrecy agreement. Kirk, an Air Force man, was to be temporarily relieved of duty to take a civilian job with Lockheed Aircraft. He would be running Lima 85, a radar base in Laos, whose neutrality prohibited U.S. military presence. No one was to know

National Alliance of Families

... 66736. Project Heavy Green - Lima Site 85 - Much has been written about
the top secret radar base located on Phou Pha Thi, in Laos. ...


Site honoring all POW/MIA's.

Vietnam Memorial Wall

A place to look up people on the wall.


50,000 names on the wall

Country song about the Vietnam Wall.


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