Pictures donated by past and present Auto-track and ECM professionals who so faithfully served in the 1st Combat Evaluation Group Helping to train Air Crews who flew in harms way during the Korea Action, Viet Nam, and all actions since. These Technician/Operators also went in harms way to direct pinpoint bombing.

Det 1  -  John's

Det 3

Det 5

Det 6

Det 9


Joe's Pictures

Lima Site 85 Investigation

Sacremento 1960

Branson Reunion 1

Memorial at Lackland


If you have a picture or file you wish to share on the site please attach it to an email and send to Webmaster. If you know the names that go with the pictures please email me with the folder, picture name and the placement of the person. Also if you have captions for the pictures please let me know. This is a page that can be changed and the more information I get the more meaning each picture can have.



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