A note from Mac & Sue about the reunion in Richmond, Ky October 2004

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to update all on the results of the reunion. I BELIEVE EVERYONE HAD A FABULOUS TIME!!!

From Wednesday night thru Sunday evening everything went great except for a few minor things, not including Bob Cole. He got dizzy and sick to his stomach at the Friday night on the farm. We finally called 911 and got the emergency crew here and they took him to the Berea Hospital. He was released after several hours of checking and found out he had an inner ear infection. Thank God that was all.

Wednesday evening everyone who arrived met at the King's Buffet for a great meal. We had some great chinese food as well as Mongolian and steak from the grill. Abot 45 attended.

Thursday we had a little bit of a nippy day and some fog in the morning while we were at Donamire Farm. It was beautiful there and we had our sack lunch near a track and a lake so the view was great.
Calumet Farm in the afternoon was also nice and one high point was their graveyard for horses. We got to see the grave of Bull Lea who was the greatest sire ever. And 7 graves of his biggest stake winners spread in front of him.

We also got a quick tour of the Air museum at the Lexington Airport where they have on display both a Blue Angels and Thunderbird aircraft.

As I was saying we had about 150 people at the farm on Friday night.
What a great bunch of food selections we had. I know there's a lot of people probably going on a diet today. Brad Burchett, a youg gentleman who is just starting to get into the music business provided some great entertainment. I touted him as a Allan Jackson look-alike and he did not disappoint.

Saturday's Memorial Dedication/Service had to be moved indoors to the Igloo Club due to rainy weather but it was still a great time. It went overtime by about 30 minutes but allowed us to provide some sort of closure for those family members of LS-85 men who were lost in SEA. At times I couldn't look the audience in the face because I could hear the sniffles and it only made my eyes get cloudier. I think the musical selections were very appropriate for the occasion and allowed us to become one as a family. We all made new friends during this and will be looking forward to the time when we can get together again. After the service most of the attendees drove up to the memorial where we played the national anthem and raised the flags on the poles. Then the cadets of Eastern KY Univ. fired a 21 gun salute in honor of our heroes. Very memorable.

Saturday night's banquet was an overwhelming success with 100 folks attending at the Galaxy Entertainment Complex. We had a great meal.
The service was the best possible. Kenny Speakes, a Christian Minister from Winchester provided the entertainment. He did a little skit with a song. He provided several inspirational songs and sang a new patriotic song he had written and thinks it will be a hit soon.
And of course he had copies of that on his new CD for sale, which he gave to the family members of the men lost in SEA.

We took a paper ballot of places to hold our next reunions and below is the results of that vote:

2005 - Branson(All CEVG Reunion) this was already determined prior
to this reunion.
2006 - Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN
2007 - Richmond, KY
2008 - Biloxi, MS
2009 - Nashville, TN
2010 - Richmond, KY
2011 - Dayton, OH

I know everyone can't make all of these but it gives everyone a chance to see other members every year. Which is good since we are getting older and losing members every year.

Sunday we had breakfast at Bob Evan's and then went to church at the Friendship Valley Baptist. Our preacher provided a great sermon with a little military flavor and we ended it with some special singers who ended it with us all joining in on the Star Spangled Banner.

We then gathered at the farm again for a catered lunch by Sonny's Barbecue. We had about 30 show up and we finally closed the reunion out about 7:30 when the final group left.

I want to thank all those who attended and provided some very appreciated comments. Sue and I were happy to be able to make it such a great and memorable reunion for those attending. I will always recall this one as the BEST EVER, as some of you have said.
And I really enjoyed meeting all the family members of our SEA heroes. We hope to be able to renew aquaintances with all of you at one of our scheduled reunions in the next 7 years. Thanks again to all of you, especially Harvey Payment, we love you all and look forward to being in Branson in about 10 1/2 months from now.
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