We Came to Honor
by; Larry Bryant

We came to honor fallen men, husbands, neighbors, fathers , friends.
We served with them, we knew them well,
we all have stories we could tell.

Of, Big blue trains, of TA sites
Of Plotting boards, and flashing lights.

They were a part of our careers, they too had hopes,
They too had fears. They gave their best,
they gave their all,
They answered to our Nation’s call.

Though many years have come and gone
We still have thoughts of every one.
Though we have aged, they still have youth,
In our own minds, we know the truth.

We here, have yet to pass the test.
Till we can earn the final rest.
They are there somewhere in the sky
A PCS, not TDY.

Looking at us all with a loving smile,
And wondering strangely ,all the while,
What are these people doing here,
Why gather like this, from far and near.

I’ll tell you why, it’s plain to see.
These people were our family.


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